Spring Outfit Of The Day!


Long time no outfit of the day - haha, I really should be doing them more often since they're one of the most liked posts on my blog. On this super hot day I decided to give preference to comfort over style with a lose flow-y top made of aztec printed chiffon and paired it with cotton jeggings from Limelight! These are seriously the BEST jeggings I have ever bought - thin material, stretchable, not too warm for the summers and super affordable! They come under PKR 1500 - I'll definitely be picking up an extra pair or two, can foresee these becoming a stable in the summers for me.

For my face, I slapped on what I like to call my summer melt proof face - here's how it's done - I start with the Art Deco Camouflage concealer which is friction resistant and follow it with a light dusting of Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in transparent. Follow the with the Essence Pakistan ombre blush in Dates in Skates and the DMGM Cosmetics illuminator on the cheek bones. For my eyes I line my upper lash line with Color Studio Pakistan Water Proof eye liner that lasts for ages and used Maybelline New York 12 hour colossal kajal for my lower lash line. On my lips is DMGM Cosmetics transfer resistant photo fix lip color that easily lasts even with eating and drinking!

The Louboutin Nude Collection - 5 Shade Of Nudes


Whether it's makeup or shoes, it's safe to say one shade of nude does not fit all. Anyone who has bought makeup after drooling over Instagram makeup artist would know what I'm talking about. What maybe the perfect nude for someone might look a lot like concealer lips on another -not a look anyone goes for intentionally unless you're in the early 2000's haha. Keeping this in mind, the soul behind the iconic Louboutin red sole has launched a 5 shade nude collection - one that has different 'nudes' based on varying skin tones - love the idea and it's execution yet the over $400/pair will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea! Check out some of the images below - what do you think of this collection? Let me know x

Budget Friendly Halal Makeup


By now, if you're a beauty enthusiast, you must've heard about Masarrat Misbah makeup launch. In case you don't know who Masarrat Misbah is (fat chance!) she's the force between Depilex Beauty Clinics & Institutes throughout Pakistan. She was also the very first (perhaps only?) person in Pakistan to hire women acid attack victims in her salons, giving them the freedom and confidence to earn a living on their own and work in a society which chooses to ignore the problem at hand. 

On to the makeup, Masarrat Misbah Makeup is completely Halal with no suspicious ingredients so if you're a beauty lover but no a fan of Carmine in your favorite red lipstick - then this is your dream come true! Not only is it certified Halal, you can purchase this budget friendly makeup collection from the comfort of your home via their online shopping website www.masarratmakeup.com

Check out the affordable prices below! 

 Here's the price list

Silk Foundation PKR 1,100
Silk Pressed Powder PKR 950 
Eye Varnish PKR 450
Perfect Wear Eye Liner PKR 550
Lash Enhancer PKR 750
Lash Voluminizer PKR 750 
Stay On Blusher PKR 820 
Etheral Glow PKR 900
Lip Varnish PKR 650 
Long Lasting Lipstick PKR 850 
Liquid Lipstick PKR 1,100
Lip Gloss PKR 650 

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