Top Online Makeup Stores To Shop From In Pakistan! (Part 1)


Living in Pakistan as a makeup enthusiast means that we get almost no high end brands, or limited edition collections on time. It's not only high end brands that aren't easily available, even drugstore products come after ages and that too with price tags that would place them in the higher end category of makeup. Who wants a L'Oreal lip stain for $20? Not me for sure! There are a few rare departmental stores that do have *some* higher end, luxury brands at counters, but the price for those is exuberant! Imagine having to pay double for a $50 Tom Ford lipstick that has probably been sitting on the shelf since 2010 - Yeah, I don't think so. So what is a makeup enthusiast to do, well, turn to Facebook pages for their shopping needs!

Online shopping Facebook pages have exploded in Pakistan in recent times, where you can order almost anything from makeup to clothes to coffee to Ikea knick knacks through a page, where they keep a profit margin and deliver the product to your after some time (which is usually a month, with the shipping from US/UK etc)

I've tried my fair share of makeup pages, here are some of my favorites which I to back to again and again whenever I decide I need more makeup in my life.

1. Makeup & Accessories / Kohl Mag - Shop HERE!

Makeup & Accessories has to be my favorite store to order from! The owner, Sahr, is a lovely hardworking, super polite person who is always looking for ways to please her customers either by giving discounts, or freebies with your order! There have been times during a sale where I messaged her via Facebook inbox at like 4 at night and she would reply and take my order, just so I don't miss a sale! (this in no way means we should all do that, advance planning for sales is always a better idea) . When my best friend was getting married and wanted to order a truck load of makeup, I recommended Sahr to order it through, and she was super happy with the smoothness of the entire process and Sahr's amazing price-match policy!

Not only has Sahr's Facebook page grown considerably, she also runs a website with a TON of in-stock products, meaning no waiting for a month to get your hands on amazing goodies! The image above is of all the stuff the is IN-STOCK at Kohl Mag! From Glamglow to Origins to Beauty Blender to The Balm & everything in between.. Drooling!

Shop HERE or HERE!

2. Makeup Therapy - Shop HERE!

Another firm favorite when it comes to ordering online is Makeup Therapy, where I usually interact with the lovely Hina. Not only does she respond super quick to queries and price inquiries, she also is kind enough to make room for unusual demands. I once had to send a Michael Kors watch to someone in the States, and given how Paypal doesn't work in Pakistan, the only way I could do say was via an online makeup page! Makeup Therapy was the quickest to reply to my queries, and for a very nominal fee, purchased the watch that I had wanted from Nordstrom and delivered it where I wanted in Chicago! Double thumbs up!

Incase you're feeling spendy, check out all the Wet n Wild, NYX, Tarte and other goodies they have in stock! 

Shop - HERE!

3. - Shop HERE!

Now just4girls is a website, while they do have a supporting Facebook page, all the purchasing is done via their website, which has recently had a makeover and is super glam! Some people would find the prices on just4girls to be a bit steeper compared to makeup pages, but the reason behind that is their vast in-stock! Also they are the official retailers for budget friendly brands like MUA  & Makeup Revolution meaning that the prices for those brands on the website are unbeatable! They also have great giveaways at their page and are excellent with customer service! Just4girls also has regular weekly deals, a blogger program and a credit system, where every time you make a purchase, you get points which can be re-deemed! 

Shop HERE or HERE!

4. Beauty Arena - Shop HERE!

Beauty Arena is another website based online makeup shopping destination, which just like just4girls sometimes has steeper prices compared to other stores! They do have an incredible number of brands, from high end brands to those you've never heard of they've truly got it all! I love their free shipping features, and have shopped from them way too many times! I love how they bubble wrap each and every product super well. I once orders around 12 nail varnishes and imagine when each of them came wrapped individually! While taking them all out of the cushioning was a pain, I loved how they ensured that my order reaches my without breaking/cracking!  

Shop HERE!  or HERE!

5. Dhanak - Shop HERE!

The hardworking girl behind Dhanak is probably the sweetest! Her interaction with fans over the page, and smooth dealing process will make you want to order from her again and again! The page was on a hiatus for quite a while but is now back with a bang with amazing instock goodies that includes Victoria's Secret perfumes, Bath and Body Works, NYX, ELF and so much more! It really is a mixture of everything! Every time I've ordered from her, she's always managed to send some surprise gifts which always manage to put a smile on my face! Free makeup?! Don't mind if I do haha 

 Shop HERE!

Whew! That was quite the post, instead of adding more makeup pages that I frequent, I think it would be a better idea to break this post into parts - stay tuned for part 2 coming soon! Until then, let me know which is your favorite makeup store to shop from in Pakistan? How has your experience been with these ones mentioned? I would love to know! 

Until next time, tc x

Haul - MAC Prabal Gurung, Tarte Holiday Collection & More!


'Tis the season to haul! With all the Sephora 20% off codes floating around and the limited edition makeup collections launched one after the other, it's no wonder I caved and brought a few bits and pieces I had been lusting over since their release announcement! Definitely no more hauling since I'm trying (key word being TRYING) to save up for a holiday next summers! Lord, let me be strong for the after Christmas sales are approaching! Haha

First up is this mini The Body Shop gift bad featuring their Coconut collection! I love me some Body Shop during the winters. As soon as my Sweet Lemon stuff finishes up, I'm busting out the Coconut stuff and pretending I'm in some exotic location somewhere in Hawaii instead of being in the middle of a cold, colllllddd winter!

I know many people are on the fence about celebrity fragrances, I personally have quite a few favorites, mostly from Britney Spears and Taylor Swift though haha. It was love at first sniff when it came to both of these scents. The Lady Gaga scent, in a very non-Gaga-ish way is pretty wearable for everyday and quite unique, thus, me getting a giiiinormous bottle of it haha! Carolina Herrera's Do You Know What Private Means id more of a night out scent, I still love it! Very unique and strong, not in an over powering - headache - inducing way though haha!

I'm still pissed at the fact that I missed last years Tarte Off The Cuff blush palette so when I heard of this one for Holiday 2014, I was going to order it as soon as sales went live, and that is exactly what I did! For $42 this is a bargain and more! 

Not a fan of red, not a fan of splurging on lipstick shades that I will never wear but something about this incredibly hyped up MAC x Prabal Gurung ... ahh just something about it made me go forward with my order. In my mind I justified the purchase with some weird theory about how every girl needs a red in her collection and I decided to go forward with the payment. I'll keep you guys updated on whether I will ever be using it haha.

What have you hauled recently? Leave me some blog links so I can feel a little better about my small yet non-budget-friendly purchases haha! 

Until next time, tc

Weekend Post - Skincare & Kuch Khaas!


While I love Islamabad, it really needs to catch up when it comes to meet-ups and social events in the beauty industry. Thankfully, Well Beeing, an all natural skin care company based in Canada, decided to hold one in Islamabad to introduce their products into the local market. Here's what I wore to my meet-up which was held at Kuch Khaas, definitely wasn't going for the all-black look, but it just happened haha.

Top - Forever 21 
Jeans - Forever21 
Clutch - New Look 
Statement necklace - Topshop (maybe :s) 
Shoes - Honestly no idea! 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealor 
The Balm Nude Tude Palette 
Rimmel Exxagerate Eyeliner 
Jordana Extra Lash Mascara 
Luscious BOLD Inense Eye Pencil 
MAC Twig
MAC Peaches 
The Balm Mary Loumanizer
Now coming on to Well Beeing , they basically produce handcrafted skincare items with natural ingredients that are completely bio-degradable! Not only are they chemical and toxins free, they are quite easy on the pocket and coming in excellent packaging! Since all natural ingredients are used, they are prepared in small batches, rest assured what you get will be super fresh! The packaging is sleek, doesn't take up much space and it is a relief to see products that are so budget friendly with excellent packaging!  

Since it was a meet up, I had the chance to talk to the man behind Well Beeing in depth about his products and the entire process of what goes behind into making them! What impressed me the most was the fact that nothing that is sold is more than 2 weeks old! Imagine! From the cleansers to the exfoliators, everything is as fresh as can be, and what a treat that is for our skin which is used to products that are filled with chemicals that extend the shelf life of a products for years. In Pakistan, the natural skin care products aren't as popular yet due to very few options, I love that well-beeing has managed to nicely fill in that gap with premium quality products that are not only great for our skin, but super budget friendly too!

Well Beeing was kind enough to give me a whole lot of products to try out, which I am currently doing! I don't want to ruin the review post by talking about how the actual products are but here's a teaser for you - I am so impressed with them that I recommended them to my best friend who is getting married and wants to stay far, far away from chemicals before her big day! They're THAT good! 

After the chit-chat, I grabbed a good old Red Velvet cupcake, some snacks and was on my way! What a lovely day, courtesy of Well Beeing! 

Be sure to like and support them on Facebook by clicking HERE!

Until next time, tc.